Who are we?

Azur Wine Tours is a small company whose aim is to help visitors of the French Riviera discover the wines of Provence, while enjoying the picture postcard scenery.

Raphael Vigneau, our head guide, is a fully qualified French winemaker. Over the last 7 years he has acquired extensive knowledge in the fields of grape growing and winemaking. After a two year apprentice ship in Provence, he has done vintages in a number of different wineries in France (Bordeaux, Pouilly fumé) and overseas (Australia, New Zealand). Until recently he was a manager of a small boutique winery in Provence.He has also been part of the pre-selection panel for the Paris wine fair. While enjoying the different vineyards around the world, it is the Côtes de Provence that he knows and loves best, because no other area can match its combination of great wines, scenery and history.

The people at Azur Wine Tours are dedicated to sharing their passion for the wines and beauty of Provence.

Azur Wine Tours organises day tours to the wineries of Provence including:
.       Presentation of the specificities and terroir of the Côtes de Provence.
.       A guide through the different grape varieties and wine styles.
.       Wine tasting advice.

Azur Wine Tours allow you to get to know the people who are passionate about their terroir and dedicated to producing the best possible wines.

So during your stay on the French Riviera come spend a memorable day, discovering, admiring, and most importantly tasting the great wines of Provence

Presentation of some of our partners:


This winery has been in the family for generations. Over looking the bay of Frejus, the Chateau produces a whole number of great wines including a Côtes de Provence Fréjus. It is a great place to learn about the importance of terroir!


The Domaine du Jas D'esclans was one of the first certified organic vineyards in Provence. The philosophy of sustainable wine making is not limited to the vines but is applied to every aspect of the winery. For those looking for great quality organic wines, look no further.


The Domaine du Dragon : a pretty unique terroir with a pretty unique history. This has to be the only vineyard I know of that used to be home to a Dragon. Unfortunately the Dragon has gone but the vines remain, producing excellent whites, rosés and reds.


Château de Saint Martin is one of the most historic wineries in the region. Winemaking has been taking place on the premises for over 2000 years and the vineyard has belonged to the same family since the beginning of the 18 century! One of the Cru Classé wineries of the Provence region, a try of their amazing wines is a must-do!